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Dwell, An Installation by Jeremy Jernegan

Dwell, An Installation by Jeremy Jernegan

Jeremy Jernegan’s exhibition “Dwell,” which opened in May 2019 at the Workhouse Arts Center in Virginia, references the reality of our situation as inhabitants in a world with rapidly changing climate and our seeming inability to grasp the scale and consequences of our plight. This work continues a long interest of Jernegan’s in the metaphorical potential of water imagery to reference one’s life travel through a vaguely defined environment. The above piece, titled Iris, utilizes screen-printed imagery of water and drawn elements to create an overt reference to the marine environment. Imbedding the pictorial experience within a specific structural form continues to be a key aspect of his work. Jernegan is a professor of art and head of ceramics in the Newcomb Art Department, Tulane University.

Iris, 2019, 48” x 48” x 2”, glazed ceramic and stainless steel (Collection of Jack Hazerjian).