Opera Workshop

The opera workshop will be offered by Professor Amy Pfrimmer in selected semesters to be announced on this page. When offered, the class meets MW 2-3 PM, Rm. 206 in Dixon Hall with additional musical rehearsal according to student schedules. Scheduled evening and weekend rehearsals are required. Auditions occur in the semester prior to the opera production.
For more information, please contact Prof. Pfrimmer, pfrimmer@tulane.edu.

The purpose of the opera workshop is to provide opportunities for growth in the area of operatic repertoire, role preparation, and compelling performance for the stage. I expect further development of body and voice as tools for musical character interpretation that will bring music to life, and provide practical advice and experience in staging and performance. Critical listening skills, performance anxiety management, and technical advancement should also be expected. I look forward to the teamwork that makes an exciting musical and dramatic experience!
All undergraduate students enrolled full-time are welcome to audition, you do not have to be a music major or be enrolled in voice lessons.