Message from the Dean: December 2017 Issue


SLA Personifies an Ever Bolder Tulane

On December 8th, faculty, staff, administrators, and donors came together to celebrate “the campaign for an ever bolder Tulane.” Not surprisingly the School of Liberal Arts played a key role in the day’s event. University Professor and member of the History Department Walter Isaacson spoke to a packed lunch crowd about innovation in both the past and present. Jesmyn Ward, two-time National Book Award winner and member of the English Department, was interviewed by her chair Mike Kuczynski in the “big reveal” and brilliantly spoke on how literature shaped her world. Together these outstanding SLA scholars demonstrated that creativity and inquiry define the best of a world-class university.

Carole Haber, Tulane University
Dean Carole Haber, Professor of History

Through our unique SLA vision, our contributions to the campaign reach even far beyond these amazing individuals to every department and program in the school. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we address problems within the Gulf South and translate these solutions globally. We attract students who believe that learning not only takes place in the lecture hall but beyond the walls of the university. We have outstanding faculty members who take their research into the classroom to inspire and engage.

By fulfilling the campaign goals of SLA, this vision will continue to define a distinctive experience for students and faculty alike. As is clear in the articles in today’s newsletter, through our dedication to creativity, research, and engagement, our commitment is unequaled: we, in SLA, personify the “ever bolder Tulane.”

signature Carole Haber