Introductory Classics Courses

Julius Caesar's Murder
CLAS 1010  The Rise of Rome  (3) 

This course traces the history of Rome from its earliest foundations to the fall of the Roman republic. While learning about major historical events, we will also explore various aspects of Roman cultural and social history. Topics for discussion include politics, social status, gender roles, religion, warfare, murder and conspiracy, and ancient spectacle. No prerequisites. (Note: Not open to senior history majors).

Greece landscape
CLAS-1030 The Greeks (3)
This course offers an introduction to the literature, history, culture, art and architecture of the ancient Greeks. Focusing on Greeks living throughout the Mediterranean from the Bronze Age down to the Hellenistic Period, the course is organized around targeted investigations that explore important aspects of ancient Greek civilization such as colonial expansion, the invention of alphabetic writing, the birth of drama, etc. The aim of the course is not to be exhaustive, but rather to introduce students to the study of antiquity. We will regularly delve into scholarly debate, consider what kinds of evidence underlie our knowledge, and examine the limits of interpretation all while developing our familiarity with the ancient Greeks.
Ancient People on a Ship
CLAS 1040 Mythology (3) 

This course will introduce you to the gods, heroes, and monsters of Greek and Roman mythology. The focus of the course involves reading and discussing selected works of ancient Greek and Roman literature in English translation, but we will also move beyond these narratives to examine how the Greeks and Romans portrayed their myths in other media, including art and architecture.