The Department of Classical Studies at Tulane University offers courses in the ancient languages (Latin and Greek), the fields of Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern archaeology, ancient history, ancient religion (Greek, Roman, ancient Judaism, and early Christianity), and ancient culture in general.

Note: Courses in ancient Greek and Latin satisfy the foreign language requirement.

The programs of study in our department allow our majors both to sample broadly among our offerings and to concentrate in a particular field. We offer majors in Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies. In the Classical Studies major, students can choose among a wide variety of courses. In addition to the B.A., we have a two-year M.A. program, and through Tulane's teacher program, students can obtain teaching certification in Latin.

Many of our students pursue double majors, often in Classical Studies and in the sciences, especially those in the pre-med curriculum. We are very much aware that the goals of different students require different kinds of preparation, and we work individually with our students to ensure that their undergraduate training will give them the best possible foundation for their future professional lives.

Students who major in Classical Studies frequently go on to law school or medical school, and some of our majors go on to graduate study in Classics. Most recently we have sent students to graduate programs at Columbia, Duke, Harvard, New York University and the Institute of Fine Arts, Ohio State University, UC-Berkeley, UC-Santa Barbara, University of Southern California, University of Virginia, Yale, and Freie Universität Berlin.

We have an active student-run Classics Club and an Eta Sigma Phi chapter that sponsor extracurricular events for majors and non-majors alike.

Mission Statements and Learning Objectives