Congratulations to our faculty and alumni who presented at this year's 2024 AIA/SCS Joint Annual Meeting.

Session Chair: SCS-71: Rhetoric and Education 
Tom Keeline, Washington University in St. Louis (Tulane BA ’06)

“Erotic Objectification in the Epigrams of Philodemus” 
Matthew Chaldekas, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (Tulane MA ’09)

Cross Graffiti at Pagan Sanctuaries in Late Antiquity 
Julia Judge Mulhall, Harvard University (Tulane BA ’14)

Jewish Revolt Coins and the Judaea Capta coins of Vespasian: Response/Call/Response 
Arielle Suskin, Case Western Reserve University (Tulane BA ’14)

Mycenaean Texts and Tombs: A Contradictory Picture? 
Sophie Cushman, University of California, Berkeley (Tulane BA ’15)

Pone or Pelle Hederam? Ecohorror in Propertius 
Jonathan Clark, University of Washington (Tulane MA ’20)

Eat the Rich: The Cattle of Helios and the Class Politics of Meat in Homer's Odyssey 
Marissa Henry, Tulane University (Faculty) 

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