CLAS-1010: The Rise of Rome

Painting of a group of Roman senators murdering Julius Caesar

This course traces the history of Rome from its earliest foundations to the fall of the Roman republic. Beginning with the earliest evidence for the city, we will transition to discussion of the Roman monarchy and republic. Some of the highlights include the founding of Rome by Romulus, the stories of brave and accomplished women such as Cornelia and Tullia, the Gracchi brothers and their fight against the establishment, Sulla’s reign of terror, Spartacus’ gladiator revolt, Cicero’s gripping political speeches, Catiline’s conspiracy, and the rise and fall of Julius Caesar. While learning about major historical events, we will also explore various aspects of Roman cultural and social history. Topics for discussion include politics, social status, gender roles, religion, warfare, murder and conspiracy, and ancient spectacle. The course is open to everyone with an interest in learning more about Roman History, and there are no prerequisites.