2018 Ancient Greek lotteries

The Department of Classical Studies presents a lecture by Dr. Irad Malkin from Tel Aviv University and Oxford University

Ancient Greek lotteries: practice and mindset

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 5PM in Dinwiddie 102

Reception to follow in 210

Irad Malkin (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) holds the Cummings Chair for Mediterranean History and Cultures at Tel Aviv University and is co-Founder (1986-) and co-Editor of the Mediterranean Historical Review. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Oxford University until 2022. His research interests include ancient colonization, religion, myth, ethnicity, and network theory. He is currently researching the role of lotteries in antiquity and modern democracies, supported by a grant from the Israel Science Foundation. Irad Malkin is the “Israel Prize Laureate” for History for 2014.

His major publications include

  • Religion and Colonization in Ancient Greece (Brill: Leiden, 1987)
  • Myth and Territory in the Spartan Mediterranean (Cambridge UP: Cambridge, 1994; Paperback edition, Cambridge UP, 2003, French translation (Belles Lettres 1999)
  • The Returns of Odysseus: Colonization and Ethnicity (University of California Press, 1998; Italiantranslation 2004; Hebrew translation 2004)
  • Ethnicity and Identity in Ancient Greece (in Hebrew, Tel Aviv 2003)
  • A Small Greek World: Networks in the ancient Mediterranean (Oxford University Press: Oxford and New York 2011). French translation, (Un tout petit monde), Belles Lettres (2018). 

He is the editor of 

  • La France et la Méditerranée, Leiden, 1990. 
  • Leaders and leadership in Jewish and World history. The Historical Society of Israel. Jerusalem, 1992 (With Zeev Tzahor;Hebrew) 
  • Leaders and Masses in the Roman world: studies in honor of Zvi Yavetz, Mnemosyne Supplementum 139, Leiden, 1995(With Z.W. Rubinsohn)
  • Ancient perceptions of Greek ethnicity, Center for Hellenic Studies and Harvard University Press, Washington DC, 2001. 
  • Mediterranean Paradigms and Classical Antiquity .  London: Routledge. 2005.  
  • Greek and Roman Networks in the Mediterranean London, Routledge, 2009 (with Christy Constantakopoulou, and Katerina Panagopoulou)
  • Panhellenes at Methone: graphê in Late Geometric and Protoarchaic Methone, Macedonia (ca 700 BCE). Berlin  (2017) (with J.S. Clay and Y.Z. Tzifopoulos)

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