2019 The Capitoline's Red Faun

2019 The Capitoline's Red Faun event flyer


The Capitoline's Red Faun: Ancient or Modern Masterpiece?

Elizabeth Bartman
Independent Scholar

Monday, November 11, 2019
Howard-Tilton B17

Reception to follow in Jones 210
Tulane University
The Department of Classical Studies

Since its rediscovery at Hadrian's Villa in 1736, the Red Faun now in the Capitoline Museum has been among the most admired of ancient classical sculptures. Its rare stone, exuberant subject, and virtuoso carving have won it renown and ensured its place in standard art surveys. Like most antiquities found during the eighteenth century, however, it underwent restoration to achieve the near-perfect state then deemed desirable by artists, dealers, and collectors. This talk aims to unravel the Faun’s complex history to understand it as an ancient statue in an imperial context.

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