Alums present at 2019 Joint AIA and SCS Meeting

Tulane Classical Studies alums presented papers at the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) and Society for Classical Studies (SCS) in San Diego, January 2-6:

  • Tom Keeline (B.A., Tulane '06; Ph.D., Harvard), assistant professor, Washington University-St Louis : "Aut Latine Aut Nihil? A Tertium Quid," in SCS Session 38, What Can 'Active' Latin Accomplish?
  • Dylan Rogers (B.A., Tulane '08; Ph.D., Virginia), assistant director, American School for Classical Studies in Athens: "Damaskenos at the American School: Revisiting Notions of Identity and Death in Roman Athens," in AIA Session 3B, Provincial Identities in the Roman Empire.
  • Timothy Shea (B.A., Tulane '11), Ph.D. candidate in art history at Duke University: "The Funerary Topography of Metics in Archaic Athens," in AIA Session 6G, Death in the Polis: Context and Identities in Greek Mortuary Practice (Colloquium).
  • Rachel Love (B.A., Tulane '13), Ph.D. candidate in classics at Yale University: "Epitome in the Age of Empire: Florus and the (Re-)Written Republic," in SCS Session 27, Didactic Prose.
  • Julia Judge (B.A., Tulane '14), Ph.D. candidate in classical archaeology at Harvard University: "Mimesis and Memory in the Tiber Island Sanctuary of Asclepius," in AIA Session 6A, The Archaeology and Architecture of Cult in the Roman Empire.
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