Mallory Monaco Caterine, Tulane University School of Liberal Arts

Mallory Monaco Caterine

Beginning Language Coordinator
Senior Professor of Practice, Greenberg Family Professorship in Social Entrepreneurship
Jones 312 D


PhD, Classics, 2013. Princeton University
MA, Classics, 2010. Princeton University
BA, Linguistics and Classical Languages, 2007. Georgetown University
Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Strategic Philanthropy, in progress. Tulane University


Professor Monaco Caterine (a.k.a. Prof. MC) loves to help students make connections between the past, the present, the self, and the human community. She believes that a humanities education is a highly effective mode of leadership training, and infuses opportunities to practice leadership into all of her classes, including Greek, Latin, Mythology, The Greeks, Ancient Medicine, and the Classical Leadership Lab. Prof. MC earned her PhD at Princeton University, writing a dissertation on the significance of the Hellenistic past in Plutarch's Lives; her recent research has focused on the representations of tyrants and women's leadership in Greek and Roman literature.

In addition to her work at Tulane, Prof. MC is also the co-founder and co-executive director of Kallion Leadership, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to dedicated to understanding, applying, and promoting the study of the humanities for the leadership development of all. Her work with Kallion has been supported by her position as the Greenberg Family Professor in Social Entrepreneurship and Cole Fellow at the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. Recently, Prof. MC has re-entered the classroom as a student in Tulane's Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Strategic Philanthropy, to build the new skills she needs as an executive director.

In Prof. MC's rare free moments, you can find her goofing around with her toddler Caleb or eating in one of New Orleans' amazing restaurants with her husband, Chris.


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Kallion Leadership, Inc.

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders

Dr. Mallory Monaco Caterine - From Working On Plutarch to Working With Plutarch

AUGUST 20, 2022



  • CLAS-1030 The Greeks
  • CLAS-1040 Mythology
  • CLAS-2400 Ancient Medicine
  • CLAS-4110 Classical Leadership Lab*
  • GREK-1010 Elementary Greek
  • GREK-1020 Intermediate Greek
  • GREK-2030 Attic Prose
  • LATN-3030 Readings in Latin Poetry*
  • LATN-3070 Readings in Latin Prose*
  • TIDE-1038 Beyond Orgo: Becoming a Good Doctor
  • *service-learning courses