Ryan Boehm Department of Classical Studies Tulane University

Ryan Boehm

Classics Department Chair
Classics Teaching Coordinator
Associate Professor
Sizeler Family Professor in Judaic Studies (2020-2023)
Jones 206 A


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley: Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, 2011
M.A. University of California, Berkeley: Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, 2005
B.A. University of California, Berkeley: History and Classical Languages, 2002


Conferences and Presentations

“Emerging Cities” Washington University, St. Louis, February 2017 (by invitation)

“Individual and Community Responses to Urbanization in Hellenistic Asia Minor.” University of Chicago, November 2015 (by invitation)

“City and Empire in the Age of the Successors.” Tombros Conference on Hellenistic Monarchy. Penn State, April 25, 2015

“Synoikismos and Social Response in the Early Hellenistic World,” University of Chicago, February 11, 2014 (by invitation)

“Urbanization and Economy: The Transition from Achaemenid to Hellenistic Empire in Western Asia Minor,” American Schools of Oriental Research, Annual Meeting. Baltimore, November 2013

“Cultic ‘Doublets’: The Politics and Meaning of Cultic Replication,” Theoretical Archaeology Group, Annual Meeting. Chicago, May 2013

“The Metroön of Kolophon: A Reconstruction of the Sanctuary and Archive,” Dartmouth College, University of Colorado, Boulder and University of Western Ontario, January-February 2012 (by invitation)

“Urbanization, Cult, and Community: The Religious Dimensions of Synoikismos,” Tulane University, January 2012 (by invitation)

“Catastrophe or Resilience? Destruction and Synoikismos in Hellenistic World,” at Destruction. Archaeological, Philological and Historical Perspectives. International Round Table organised by CEMA, Louvain, Belgium, November 2011

“The City Center of Ashkelon,” ASOR Annual Meeting, San Francisco, November 2011

“Sanctuaries and Synoikismos: Building Community and Empire in Hellenistic Thrace,” Wesleyan University, February 2011 (by invitation)

“The Bouleuterion at Ashkelon: New Results from the Excavations in the Roman Forum,” AIA/APA Joint Meeting, San Antonio, 2011

“Guardianship and Society in Roman Egypt: a New Document from the Archive of Aurelius Adelphios (P.Vindob. G 15067),” University of California, Berkeley, October 2009

Archaeological Fieldwork

Ashkelon, Israel, (Harvard) 2008–Present, Supervisor and Publication

Corinth, Greece, (ASCSA) 2009, Square Supervisor

Nemea, Greece, (UC Berkeley) Summer 2007, Supervisor

Tel Dor, Israel, (UC Berkeley) 2005-2006, Square Supervisor

Awards and Fellowships

Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship, 2015-2016

Awards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars Grant, 2015-2016 (declined)

Lurcy Grant, School of Liberal Arts, Tulane University 2015-2016

Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy Dissertation Fellowship, 2010–2011

Graduate Division Summer Grant, 2010

AHMA Travel Grant, 2010

Dean’s Fellowship, 2009–2010

Fulbright II-E Full Grant, Greece, 2008–2009

Honorary Fellow, American School of Classical Studies, 2008–2009

Brittan Fellowship, 2008-2009

Joan B. Gruen Essay Award, Spring 2007

Heller Grant, Summer 2007

AHMA Fellowship, University of California Berkeley, 2004–2006

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, University of California, Berkeley, 2002


  • CLAS 3310: Ancient Greek Tyranny and Democracy, Fall 2017
  • GRK 3070/6060: Herodotos, Fall 2017
  • GRK 1020: Intermediate Greek, Spring 2017
  • CLAS 3140: Jews in the Greco-Roman World, Spring 2017
  • GRK 3070/6050: Plato, Fall 2016
  • CLAS 1030: The Greeks, Spring 2015, Summer 2016, Fall 2016
  • CLAS 2330: Alexander the Great: History and Legend, Spring 2015
  • GRK 4080/6090: Greek Orators, Fall 2014
  • CLAS 3310/6810: Ancient Greek Tyranny and Democracy, Fall 2014
  • CLAS 3140: Jews in the Greco–Roman World, Spring 2014
  • GRK 4060/6060: Herodotos, Spring 2014
  • LAT 1010: Elementary Latin, Fall 2013
  • CLAS 3810: The History of Greece from the Persian Wars to Alexander, Fall 2013
  • CLAS 4810/6810: The Hellenistic World, Spring 2013
  • CLAS 2810: Alexander the Great: History and Myth, Spring 2013
  • GRK 4060/6060: Greek Historians: Thucydides, Fall 2012
  • CLAS 3810 (Honors) The History of Greece from the Bronze Age to the Persian Wars, Fall 2012