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Students: There is still Summer 2020 online course availability. Get a head start on your requirements with offerings including creative industries through crisis, film and media, festivals, tourism, the hospitality industry, and disease throughout history, across literature, media, cultural expression, religion, and more. View all Liberal Arts Summer Courses.

Recent Dissertations

Helma Kaldewey (European History)
"The people’s music: Jazz in East Germany, 1945-1989" (2014)
Advisor: Marline Otte

Kristin Leigh Condotta (U.S. History)
"Foreign Imports: Irish Immigrants and Material Networks in Early New Orleans, 1780-1820" (2014)
Advisor: Emily Clark

Shelen Collette Roumillat (U.S. History)
"From the 'Hour of Her Darkest Peril' to the 'Brightest Page of Her History': New Perspectives on the Battle of New Orleans" (2014)
Advisor: Randy J. Sparks

Walter Stern (U.S. History)
"Negro’s Place: Schools, Race, and the Making of Modern New Orleans, 1900-1960” (2014)
Advisor: Lawrence Powell

Elizabeth Skilton (U.S. History)
"Camille Was No Lady But Katrina Was A Bitch: Gender, Hurricanes & Popular Culture" (December 2013)
Committee: Rachel Devlin (chair), Randy J. Sparks, Laura Rosanne Adderley, and Lawrence Powell

Miles Doleac (Ancient History)
"Triclinium pauperum: Poverty, charity and the papacy in the time of Gregory the Great" (2013)
Advisors: Dennis Kehoe and F. Thomas Luongo

Rien Fertel (U.S. History)
"Imagining the Creole City: White Creole Print Culture, Community, and Identity Formation in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans" (2013)
Advisor: Randy J. Sparks

Sarah Borealis (Latin American History)
"Tehuana urbana: How cultural mestizaje shaped the revolutionary persona of Aurora Reyes, Mexico's first female muralist" (2013)
Advisor: Colin MacLachlan

Joanna Lee Smith (U.S. History)
"Mulatto Bend: Free people of color in rural Louisiana, 1763-1865" (2012)
Advisor: Randy J. Sparks

Brian McGowan (U.S. History)
"The second conquest of Mexico: American volunteers, republicanism, and the Mexican War" (2011) Advisor: Lawrence Powell

Erika Hosselkus (Latin American History)
"Living with death between the volcanoes: Nahua approaches to mortality in colonial Puebla's Upper Atoyac Basin" (2011)
Advisor: Susan Schroeder

Aglaia Venters (European History)
"Creativity through destructive tendencies: Utopian designs in early modern French travel literature on Louisiana" (2011)
Advisor: James Boyden

Carolyn Day (European History)
"Drop dead gorgeous: The feminization and idealization of tuberculosis in England, 1780-1850" (Advisor: George Bernstein) 2010

Jonathan Truitt (Latin American History)
"Nahuas and Catholicism in Mexico Tenochtitlan: Religious Faith and Practice and La Capilla de San Josef de los Naturales, 1523-1700" (2009)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), Colin MacLachlan, Elizabeth Boone

Richard Conway (Latin American History)
"Nahuas and Spaniards in the Socioeconomic History of Xochimilco, New Spain, 1550-1725" (2009)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), MacLachlan, Jim Boyden

Barry Stiefel (Historic Preservation)
"The History and Preservation of the Synagogues of the Atlantic World, 1636-1822" (2008)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (co-chair), Eugene Cizek (co-chair), Edwin Lyon, Rosanne Adderley, Brian Horowitz, and Elizabeth Gamard

Catherine Wilkins (European History)
"Images of Revolutionary Identity: The Appropriation of the Heroic Landscape as a Means to Social Change in Germany, 1969-89" (2008)
Committee: Marline Otte (chair), Marilyn Brown

Christi Sumich (European History)
"Soul-Sick Stomachs, Distempered Bodies, and Divine Physicians: Morality and the Growth of the English Medical Profession" (2008)
Committee: Linda Pollock (chair), James Boyden, George L. Bernstein

Elizabeth Manley (Latin American History)
"'A Strange Paradox': Understanding the Impact of Conservative Gender Politics in the Dominican Republic, 1928-1978" (2008).
Committee: Justin Wolfe (chair), Rosanne Adderley, Gertrude Yeager

Charles V. Heath II (Latin American History)
"The Inevitable Bandstand: The State Band of Oaxaca and the Politics of Sound" (2007)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (chair), Susan Schroeder, and Bruce Raeburn

David Dressing (Latin American History)
"Social Tensions in Early Seventeenth-Century Potosi" (2007)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), Colin MacLachlan, James Boyden

Fernando Florez Gonzalez (Latin American History; Historic Preservation)
"Imitation and Preservation in Latin-America: 1880-1930" (2007)
Committee: Gene Cizek (co-chair), Colin MacLachlan (co-chair), Justin Wolfe

M. Rebecca Livingstone (European History)
"Unsettled Households: Domestic Homicide in Seventeenth-Century England" (2007)
Committee: Linda A. Pollock (chair), George Bernstein, James Boyden

Niklas F. Robinson (Latin American History)
"Revolutionizing the River: The Politics of Water Management in Southeastern Mexico, 1951-1974" (2007)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (chair), Susan Schroeder, Justin Wolfe

Marc Eagle (Latin American History)
"The Audiencia of Santo Domingo in the Seventeenth Century" (2005)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (chair), Rosanne Adderley, James Boyden

Michael L. Andrews (U.S. History)
"Thomas Jefferson and the Endless Republic: Liberty, Nature and the Flight from Authority" (2005)
Committee: Wilfred M. McClay (chair), Richard Latner, George Bernstein

Gregg P. Bocketti (Latin American History)
"The Creolization of British Sport in Trinidad and Brazil, 1870-1940" (2004)
Committee: Rosanne Adderley (co-chair), Colin MacLachlan (co-chair), George Bernstein

Laura D. Kelley (U.S. History)
"Erin's Enterprise: Immigration by Appropriation. The Irish in Antebellum New Orleans" (2004)
Committee: Richard Latner (chair), Terrence Fitzmorris, Lawrence Powell