Graduate Forms

Graduate Student Contact Information Form

Language Exams   
All students are required to pass a reading proficiency exam in a second language (and in some cases a third language), or else petition the Graduate Studies Committee for an exemption. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies for assistance in setting up the exam(s). Language exams should be administered before the end of the third year of enrollment. If petitioning for an exemption, students should ask their advisor to send a brief rationale for the exemption to the DGS along with your student ID number.

Once the exam has been successfully completed, your examiner should notify the DGS. You should also send your student ID number to the DGS, who will submit the information to the Completion of Degree Requirements Portal.

Graduate Credit Transfer Form   
Download the Graduate Credit Transfer form.

Portfolio Examination, Dissertation Prospectus, and Admission to Candidacy Forms 
Each of these forms should be filled out and signed by the student's committee following the successful defense of the comprehensive portfolio and then uploaded to the Completion of Degree Requirements Portal.

Download the Comprehensive Portfolio Examination Form 
Download the Prospectus Form 
Download the Admission to Candidacy Form

Change of Graduate Advisor/Minor Field Advisor Form 
Download the Change of Graduate Advisor/Minor Field Advisor Form.

MA/PhD Defense Form
This form must be brought to the MA thesis/PhD dissertation defense and signed by the student's committee. Please refer to the SLA website for updated filing deadlines for graduation eligibility.  
Download the Final Defense Form.   
Please upload the completed form to the Completion of Degree Requirements Portal.

Independent Study Form   
Students seeking to sign up for an independent study (HIST 7900) or one of the graduate program's required tutorial courses (HIST 7003, 7005, 7006, and 7007), should fill out this form, obtain the appropriate instructor's signature, and return to the Director of Graduate Studies.   
Download the Independent Study Form.

Graduate Progress Form   
Currently, graduate advisors are submitting progress reports for their advisees.