Recent Dissertations

Helma Kaldewey (European History)
"The people’s music: Jazz in East Germany, 1945-1989" (2014)
Advisor: Marline Otte

Kristin Leigh Condotta (U.S. History)
"Foreign Imports: Irish Immigrants and Material Networks in Early New Orleans, 1780-1820" (2014)
Advisor: Emily Clark

Shelen Collette Roumillat (U.S. History)
"From the 'Hour of Her Darkest Peril' to the 'Brightest Page of Her History': New Perspectives on the Battle of New Orleans" (2014)
Advisor: Randy J. Sparks

Walter Stern (U.S. History)
"Negro’s Place: Schools, Race, and the Making of Modern New Orleans, 1900-1960” (2014)
Advisor: Lawrence Powell

Elizabeth Skilton (U.S. History)
"Camille Was No Lady But Katrina Was A Bitch: Gender, Hurricanes & Popular Culture" (December 2013)
Committee: Rachel Devlin (chair), Randy J. Sparks, Laura Rosanne Adderley, and Lawrence Powell

Miles Doleac (Ancient History)
"Triclinium pauperum: Poverty, charity and the papacy in the time of Gregory the Great" (2013)
Advisors: Dennis Kehoe and F. Thomas Luongo

Rien Fertel (U.S. History)
"Imagining the Creole City: White Creole Print Culture, Community, and Identity Formation in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans" (2013)
Advisor: Randy J. Sparks

Sarah Borealis (Latin American History)
"Tehuana urbana: How cultural mestizaje shaped the revolutionary persona of Aurora Reyes, Mexico's first female muralist" (2013)
Advisor: Colin MacLachlan

Joanna Lee Smith (U.S. History)
"Mulatto Bend: Free people of color in rural Louisiana, 1763-1865" (2012)
Advisor: Randy J. Sparks

Brian McGowan (U.S. History)
"The second conquest of Mexico: American volunteers, republicanism, and the Mexican War" (2011) Advisor: Lawrence Powell

Erika Hosselkus (Latin American History)
"Living with death between the volcanoes: Nahua approaches to mortality in colonial Puebla's Upper Atoyac Basin" (2011)
Advisor: Susan Schroeder

Aglaia Venters (European History)
"Creativity through destructive tendencies: Utopian designs in early modern French travel literature on Louisiana" (2011)
Advisor: James Boyden

Carolyn Day (European History)
"Drop dead gorgeous: The feminization and idealization of tuberculosis in England, 1780-1850" (Advisor: George Bernstein) 2010

Jonathan Truitt (Latin American History)
"Nahuas and Catholicism in Mexico Tenochtitlan: Religious Faith and Practice and La Capilla de San Josef de los Naturales, 1523-1700" (2009)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), Colin MacLachlan, Elizabeth Boone

Richard Conway (Latin American History)
"Nahuas and Spaniards in the Socioeconomic History of Xochimilco, New Spain, 1550-1725" (2009)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), MacLachlan, Jim Boyden

Barry Stiefel (Historic Preservation)
"The History and Preservation of the Synagogues of the Atlantic World, 1636-1822" (2008)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (co-chair), Eugene Cizek (co-chair), Edwin Lyon, Rosanne Adderley, Brian Horowitz, and Elizabeth Gamard

Catherine Wilkins (European History)
"Images of Revolutionary Identity: The Appropriation of the Heroic Landscape as a Means to Social Change in Germany, 1969-89" (2008)
Committee: Marline Otte (chair), Marilyn Brown

Christi Sumich (European History)
"Soul-Sick Stomachs, Distempered Bodies, and Divine Physicians: Morality and the Growth of the English Medical Profession" (2008)
Committee: Linda Pollock (chair), James Boyden, George L. Bernstein

Elizabeth Manley (Latin American History)
"'A Strange Paradox': Understanding the Impact of Conservative Gender Politics in the Dominican Republic, 1928-1978" (2008).
Committee: Justin Wolfe (chair), Rosanne Adderley, Gertrude Yeager

Charles V. Heath II (Latin American History)
"The Inevitable Bandstand: The State Band of Oaxaca and the Politics of Sound" (2007)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (chair), Susan Schroeder, and Bruce Raeburn

David Dressing (Latin American History)
"Social Tensions in Early Seventeenth-Century Potosi" (2007)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), Colin MacLachlan, James Boyden

Fernando Florez Gonzalez (Latin American History; Historic Preservation)
"Imitation and Preservation in Latin-America: 1880-1930" (2007)
Committee: Gene Cizek (co-chair), Colin MacLachlan (co-chair), Justin Wolfe

M. Rebecca Livingstone (European History)
"Unsettled Households: Domestic Homicide in Seventeenth-Century England" (2007)
Committee: Linda A. Pollock (chair), George Bernstein, James Boyden

Niklas F. Robinson (Latin American History)
"Revolutionizing the River: The Politics of Water Management in Southeastern Mexico, 1951-1974" (2007)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (chair), Susan Schroeder, Justin Wolfe

Marc Eagle (Latin American History)
"The Audiencia of Santo Domingo in the Seventeenth Century" (2005)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (chair), Rosanne Adderley, James Boyden

Michael L. Andrews (U.S. History)
"Thomas Jefferson and the Endless Republic: Liberty, Nature and the Flight from Authority" (2005)
Committee: Wilfred M. McClay (chair), Richard Latner, George Bernstein

Gregg P. Bocketti (Latin American History)
"The Creolization of British Sport in Trinidad and Brazil, 1870-1940" (2004)
Committee: Rosanne Adderley (co-chair), Colin MacLachlan (co-chair), George Bernstein

Laura D. Kelley (U.S. History)
"Erin's Enterprise: Immigration by Appropriation. The Irish in Antebellum New Orleans" (2004)
Committee: Richard Latner (chair), Terrence Fitzmorris, Lawrence Powell