Reimbursement Guidelines

For History Department Graduate Students only:

Once you have received your award letter from the Director of Graduate Studies for departmental funds, please be aware that funds are only reimbursed (no advances can be given out) and that you MUST submit receipts within 30 days of the return date on either your last hotel stay (if you are traveling by car/train) or your return flight to New Orleans. If receipts are not received within 30 days you will not be reimbursed.

**Flights and hotels must be booked through Concur or World Travel Services per the Tulane Travel Policy 2022 effective April 7, 2022. There will be a 3-month grace period. Concur can be accessed via the Gibson portal. Please familiarize yourself with the policy before making travel plans.

If your travel plans change, approval from the Director of Graduate Studies is required.

Below is the information about the documents you need to submit for reimbursements, all of which are mandatory and should be submitted to Daniely Soriano in PDF format. These guidelines also apply for funding that you may have received from other departments (Land Fund etc).

  • a cover sheet that outlines the trip, expenses, and submitted receipts. Must include your Splash Card number.

  • W-9 (each year you need to submit a new one)

  • email/letter with the amount of the award and who awarded it (i.e. this letter)

  • original receipts for all reimbursed expenses

  • submitted meal receipts must include both copies of the receipts (customer and itemized)

  • if receipts show you paid with a credit card and it does not show the last four digits of the card number on the receipt you must give a copy of your credit card statement with the charge on it. You can redact all information from the statement, except for your name, credit card company name, and the charge you are seeking reimbursement for.

  • for mileage reimbursements, submit a copy of the MapQuest, Google Map, etc. showing home to destination travel path. Mileage reimbursements are based on the current mileage rates.

  • plane tickets require that you submit the payment for the receipt, the flight itinerary, AND BOARDING PASSES.

If you are missing a boarding pass or other receipt you must submit a missing receipt form: /sites/default/files/sites/default/files/Missing Receipt Affidavit.pdf

Please make a copy/scan of all documentation you submit to Ms. Soriano for your own records.

If you have any questions about reimbursements, Ms. Soriano is the departmental person to contact. Also, graduate reimbursements go through the accounting dept, so please make sure your address is up-to-date on all of your Tulane files so that check doesn’t get mailed to an old address. While the paperwork for reimbursements are onerous, these are the rules that all faculty must obey as well. Have a great research trip!