Career Services/Placement

Articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education are behind a paywall; however, we do have access through the Tulane library, and you can create a personal account.

AHA Career Contacts Program

Matches History PhDs employed beyond the professoriate with graduate students and recent PhDs who are interested in broadening their career horizons.

AHA Career Diversity for Historians

Initiative is working to better prepare graduate students and early-career historians for a range of career options, within and beyond the academy. Includes a set of student resources.

Archived articles by Karen Kelsky (aka The Professor Is In)

Requires login to the Chronicle of Higher Education, which we have access to via the library. Articles include “5 Big-Picture Mistakes New Ph.D.s Make on the Job Market”.

How to Write a Persuasive Cover Letter

Newcomb-Tulane College Career Services

The Professor Is In: Preparing for the Job Market

The Job Market: The Campus Interview