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Tulane's School of Liberal Arts is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We have moved to online teaching and are monitoring developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information, click here.

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Recent Ph.D. Placements

Elizabeth Skilton U.S. History, 2013
University of Louisiana, Lafayette (visiting)
Advisor: Rachel Devlin

Miles Doleac, Ancient History, 2013
University of Southern Mississippi (tenure-track)
Advisors: Dennis Kehoe and F. Thomas Luongo

Carolyn Day, European History, 2010
Furman University (tenure-track)
Advisor: George Bernstein

Jonathan Truitt, Latin American History, 2009
Central Michigan University (tenure-track)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), Colin MacLachlan, Elizabeth Boone

Richard Conway, Latin American History, 2009
Montclair State University (tenure-track)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), Colin MacLachlan, James Boyden

Barry Stiefel, Historic Preservation, 2008
College of Charleston, Historic Preservation program (visiting)
Committee: Colin MacLachlan (co-chair), Eugene Cizek (co-chair), Edwin Lyon, Rosanne Adderley, Brian Horowitz, and Elizabeth Gamard (Architecture).

Charles V. Heath II, Latin American History, 2008
Sam Houston State University (tenure-track)
Committee: Colin Maclachlan (chair), Susan Schroeder, and Bruce Raeburn

Elizabeth S. Manley, Latin American History, 2008
Xavier University of Louisiana (tenure-track)
Committee: Justin Wolfe (chair), Rosanne Adderley, Gertrude Yeager

Mark Lentz, Latin American History, 2008
University of Louisiana at Lafayette (tenure-track)
Committee: Susan Schroeder (chair), Colin Maclachlan, and Judith Maxwell

Niklas F. Robinson, Latin American History, 2007
Delaware State University (visiting)
Committee: Colin Maclachlan (chair), Susan Schroeder, and Justin Wolfe

Rebecca Livingstone, European History, 2007
Simpson College, Iowa (tenure-track)
Committee: Linda Pollock (director)