Undergraduate Majors and Requirements

Core Requirements for all BA and BFA Majors

Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Studies
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Composition
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre
Music Science and Technology Minor
Music Minor

Coordinate Major in Digital Media Practices


The Department of Music offers both a BA and a BFA track for music majors. All students seeking music degrees will begin under the BA music track. Students may then apply to the BFA track “by audition.” No audition is required for admission into the BA program. Ordinarily, BFA auditions will take place during the third semester of matriculation at Tulane.

The BA in Music is a flexible degree that gives students grounding in all three fields of music study (performance, theory, and musicology) while allowing them to cater to their particular interests. By choosing from a variety of core courses and electives, students can design their own concentrations in performance, composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, jazz, musical theatre, or other areas.

The BFA in Music is a rigorous program of study with separate concentrations in Performance, Composition, Jazz, and Musical Theatre. All students share a core curriculum in musicology, performance, and composition, with additional required courses in the appropriate areas of concentration.


MUSICOLOGY (12 credits)

  • MUSC 1410 History of European Art Music before 1800 (3)
  • MUSC 1420 History of European Art Music since 1800 (3)


  • *MUSC 2410 American Musics (3)
  • *MUSC 2420 World Musics (3)
  • MUSC 1900 New Orleans Music (3)
  • MUSC 2450 Introduction to Opera (3)
  • MUSC 3320 Musical Theatre in America (3)
  • MUSC 3310 Latin American Music (3)
  • MUSC 3340 History of Jazz (3)
  • MUSC 3440 African American Music (3)

THEORY (12 credits)

  • MUSC 1510 Harmony (3)
  • MUSC 1520 Advanced Harmony (3)
  • MUSC 2010 Tonal Analysis: 18th-19th Centuries (3)
  • MUSC 2020 20th-Century Theory (3)

PERFORMANCE (2 credits)

  • APMS 1090 Musicianship Lab I (1)
  • APMS 1100 Musicianship Lab II (1)