Emilia Oddo Assistant Professor Department of Classical Studies Tulane University

Emilia Oddo

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor
Jones 210 C


Ph.D., Classics, 2016. University of Cincinnati
MA, 2010. University of Cincinnati
MA, 2007. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium


Professor Oddo is an Associate Professor of Greek Archaeology. Her interests are centered on the archaeology of Crete in the Bronze Age. She is a specialist of the Late Bronze Age (Neopalatial period, ca. 1700-1470 BCE), particularly its decorated pottery. In her research, she sees pottery style not as some anonymous way to embellish fired clay, but a carefully chosen design that meant something for its society. In this view, pottery becomes a means to investigate social practices and social dynamics.

Her publications on the pottery from Southeast Crete focused on how pots’ decorations served to convey a community’s own identity. More recently, at the site of Knossos, Prof. Oddo is involved in the study of a variety of buildings excavated by Sir Arthur Evans and Duncan Mackenzie in the early 1900s. In her analysis of the pottery from these buildings, she examines individual ceramic styles in their archaeological contexts to extract clues to reveal how styles functioned in different behavioral contexts.

If you are interested in joining Prof. Oddo in Knossos next summer, email eoddo@tulane.edu.

In Summer 2024, Prof. Oddo will lead students on a new adventure: a trip through the Greek Islands, organized through the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Greece. For more information, https://www.ascsa.edu.gr/programs/summerseminars.




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2022. “Going Backward to Move Forward: Archive Archaeology and the House of the Frescoes at Knossos.” Invited paper to be published for Brepols in the peer-reviewed volume Archival Historiographies: The Impact of 20th Century Legacy Data on Archaeological Investigations, edited by R. Raja (Aarhus University) and O. Bobou (Aarhus University): 9-21

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  • CLAS-2320: Greek Religion
  • CLAS-2340: Troy: Beyond the Myth
  • CLAS-3170: Greek Art and Archaeology
  • CLAS-3160: The Aegean Bronze Age