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Department of Classical Studies

Classical studies, which combines the methodological approaches of history, literary and cultural studies, archaeology, art history, law, and linguistics, represents approaches to the study of antiquity that are fundamentally interdisciplinary in character. Our students gain an understanding not only of these various aspects of the ancient world but also of how the methodologies of these disciplines can work separately and together to widen and deepen our comprehension of human cultures in all periods.

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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Classical Studies allows students to design major and minor programs of study with broad exposure or more focused concentration in the fields of language and literature, art and archaeology, and ancient history.

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Graduate Program

Our full-time M.A. program emphasizes preparation in Latin and Greek and can include coursework in ancient history, archaeology, philosophy, and ancient religion. The program generally requires two years for completion. In the first year, students normally take three courses each semester. In addition, each student who is receiving a stipend serves as a teaching assistant to help a professor with course materials and grading. In the second year, students normally take two courses each semester and work on the M.A. qualifying papers under the direction of a professor.

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