BA requirements

A Bachelor of Arts in Economics requires TEN ECONOMICS courses, at least half of which must be taken at Tulane. Students are strongly encouraged to complete Economics 1010 and 1020 in their freshman year. They are also encouraged to complete Economics 3010 and 3020 by the end of their second year.

Course Work for the B.A. Degree:

  • ECON 1010 - Introductory Microeconomics
  • ECON 1020 - Introductory Macroeconomics
  • ECON 3010 - Intermediate Microeconomics, passed with a grade no lower than C-
  • ECON 3020 - Intermediate Macroeconomics, passed with a grade no lower than C-
  • ECON 3230 – Introduction to Econometrics

Also required: Five additional economics courses at the 3000 level or above. Of these, at least two must be at the 4000 level or above. Note that Economics 3880, 3890, 4570, 4880, the 1-credit classes 4971, 4972, and 4973, and 5000* do not count toward this requirement. However, Political Economy (PECN) 4300, PECN 4400, and PECN 4970 may be counted as 4000-level economics electives.

Mathematics Classes:

A course in statistics offered by the Department of Mathematics (e.g., MATH 1110, MATH 1140, MATH 1230, or MATH 3070); prerequisite for ECON 3230

* The Honors Thesis consists of ECON 4990 and ECON 5000. Together they count as one 4000-level elective. See Honors for more information.