Newsletter: December 2017 – Supporting a Bold Vision

Students taking part in Tulane's historic bold vision

The School of Liberal Arts is proud to be a part of the historic Tulane capital campaign. This "audacious" vision for the university is no doubt fostered throughout the various university schools. Here in SLA, our dedication to groundbreaking research, hands-on teaching, and a unique undergraduate experience all bring together our vision for a transformative education that extends from the Gulf South to the world. Learn how you can support this bold vision for Tulane and SLA's future.

Why We Give

Benjamin Bohlmann, Tulane University

As an undergraduate, Benjamin Bohlmann (A&S '82) was awed by how Tulane transformed him. As an alumnus, he has been awed by how the university has transformed itself. Now, with a $50,000 pledge in honor of his 35th reunion, Bohlmann hopes to inspire others to be part of that transformation as well.

Debby Hirsch Wood

Born in New Orleans to a family rich with appreciation of art and music, Debby Hirsch Wood (MFA '76), who trained as a classical pianist, now supports the arts and culture in numerous ways. Most recently, she is supporting the Music Department's first foray into opera in many years.

Catherine Balfe, Tulane University

Student Spotlight: Catherine Balfe

Economics Senior Cathy Balfe is writing her Honors Thesis on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the mortgage market. In doing so, she is addressing a gap in research that she argues needs to be filled, and is making a previous theoretical class project a practical reality.

Richard Campanella, Tulane University

Richard Campanella Lecture

Imagine a New Orleans without its most popular neighborhoods. On November 27, Tulane geographer Richard Campanella delivered a talk titled "Not-So-Friendly Neighbors: The Annexations of New Orleans."

Mark Danner, Tulane University

Mark Danner Lecture

On November 17, Mark Danner, a guest speaker from the University of California, presented "Making America Great: Nationalism, Terror and Forever War," focusing on President Trump's actions since taking office.

Message from the Dean SLA Personifies an Ever Bolder Tulane

Carol Haber, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts

On December 8th, faculty, staff, administrators, and donors came together to celebrate "the campaign for an ever bolder Tulane." Not surprisingly the School of Liberal Arts played a key role in the day's event. University Professor and member of the History Department Walter Isaacson spoke to a packed lunch crowd about innovation in both the past and present.

News from the Field: AnnieLaurie Erickson Data Shadows and the Art of Surveillance

AnnieLaurie Erickson, Tulane University

Though it is made up of a complex network of fiber optic cable, server farms, and routers, we don't often think of the Internet as having physical locations or material properties. It remains an abstract concept for many, making digital surveillance all the more difficult to understand or resist. The title of my current project, Data Shadows, comes from a term used in the Internet security business to refer to the invisible trails we leave behind on remote servers in the form of photographs, status updates, GPS coordinates, phone records and other personal data as we traverse the internet.

Summer Programs Vast Opportunities

It is not too early to think about summer opportunities. SLA is excited to announce our 2018 summer programs, each providing our students with unmatched educational and career possibilities.

Newcomb Art Department Holiday Studio Sale

Postcard for the Newcomb Art Department Holiday Sale

Finish your holiday shopping and support the Newcomb Art Department on December 15th and 16th, 10am - 4pm.

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