REK Loan Fund for Graduate Students

Ruth Engmann Korotaeff Scholars – Graduate Students

The Ruth Engmann Korotaeff Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund awards deferred interest loans up to $10,000 to School of Liberal Arts female graduate students. These loans are payable within five years from the time when, after completion of the student’s first graduate work, a loan recipient shall have obtained her first remunerative position or job. In the event, that the entire loan is not repaid within the above five-year period, then the unpaid balance shall bear interest in the amount of 10% per year until fully repaid. 

The recipients of loans from this fund will be designated as Ruth Engmann Korotaeff Scholars. Alexander Korotaeff established this fund in memory of this wife. Mr. Korotaeff was a Russian émigré who received his M.S.W. for the School of Social Work in 1937.

Please note the Tulane University Institutional Loan Programs Policy: Through the generosity of donors, Tulane University maintains an extremely limited amount of institutional loan funding which is offered as “a lending option of last resort,” and recipients must have exhausted all other available loan options, such as federal educational loans and non-federal private educational loan products.  Approval for receipt of an institutional loan, such as a loan from the Ruth Engmann Korotaeff Memorial Scholarship Endowment, will only occur if an otherwise eligible applicant is determined ineligible for or has exhausted borrowing levels for federal educational loans AND confirms denial for a non-federal private educational loan for the targeted period of enrollment.

Will you be receiving a fellowship and/or assistantship stipend during the requested loan period?
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