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Support from the School of Liberal Arts Graduate Program

Students receiving financial support from the graduate school (that is fellowships and teaching assistantships, not loans) are expected to be full-time students and in residence during the academic year. The department can grant exemptions from the residency rule for the purposes of research and can also approve a limited amount of paid employment provided this does not interfere with the student's studies. Any student who wishes to accept paid employment or who wishes to be exempt from the residency requirement must seek prior approval from the Director of Graduate Studies. Failure to do so could put the continuation of your stipend at risk.

Conference Travel Funding

Conference travel support is provided by a number of sources at Tulane University:

Dissertation Research Fellowships

Competitive research and write-up fellowships are available to students in the Department of History. Some of these are reserved for doctoral students in the Department of History while others are shared with other departments or are available university-wide. These include:

  • The Paul and Elizabeth Selley Dissertation Year Fellowship. For students of outstanding quality working in European History, Political Science and Anthropology, usually two a year. Candidates must be formally admitted to candidacy. To apply, contact your dissertation advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Graduate Fellowships at the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs at the Murphy Institute. For Tulane graduate working in the fields of ethics and public affairs (broadly conceived). Encourages teaching and research on ethics, in moral and political philosophy, and in public life and the professions. Candidates must be formally admitted to candidacy. Deadline is Feb. 1.
  • Occasionally the School of Liberal Arts Graduate Program offers dissertation fellowships for which all students currently writing up their dissertation are eligible.

Summer and Short-Term Research Grants

Summer or short-term funding, especially for preliminary research trips are available from a variety of sources. These include:

  • Graduate Student Summer Research Travel Grants, funded by the Lurcy Fund of the Department of History, support research travel in the range from $500 to $750. Deadline for Summer funding is March 1; students wishing to conduct research during the winter break must submit an application by Oct. 1.
  • Summer Field Research Program, administered by Stone Center of Latin American Studies. Deadline is March 19, 2018.
  • Graduate Student Summer Merit Fellowship Awards, administered by the School of Liberal Arts. Students who have received two Fellowship Awards in the past are ineligible. Deadline is March 22, 2018.

Getting That First Grant

Googling for Grant Dollars