Policies & Permissions

General Policies

  1. Food and beverage are not permitted inside the gallery.
  2. Professional photography or filming is not permitted without prior permission.
  3. Flash photography is not permitted.


Publication, Image Reproduction, & Filming Policies

M.A.R.I. strives to make collections and information about the ancient and modern cultures of Mexico and Central America available to all interested parties. Consequently, the Institute welcomes public, media, and research interest in the galleries and collections. We will try to accommodate requests to photograph, video tape, or film in the galleries whenever possible.


Publication Permission

Permission from M.A.R.I. is required to reproduce its past published works or portions thereof or other material from the Institute's archives and collections for classroom use or for the publication of personal, commercial, or academic work in print or on the Internet.

Please contact M.A.R.I. via email with image permission requests. A staff member will be in contact regarding permission and any fees that may need to be assessed pending the granting of permission. If you have an institutional form or letter that is filled out and only requires a signature, please email or mail a copy of it to M.A.R.I., and we will assist you with it as quickly as we can.

For further questions regarding permission from M.A.R.I. for the right to use previously published materials for any Internet or print publication purpose, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Media First-time Use Reuse First-time Use
Multiple Languages
Multiple Languages
Print (inside) $50 $25 $75 $40
Print (cover) $100 $50 $150 $80
Online $50 $25 $75 $40
Film/Video $50 $25 $75 $40
Electronic publication $50 $25 $75 $40
Exhibition $50 $25 $75 $40


Photography and Image Reproduction

Production of images and archival material is allowed only with the Institution's consent. To request copies of M.A.R.I. images or take photos of M.A.R.I materials, please email mari@tulane.edu.

If M.A.R.I. allows a researcher to publish his or her own photograph of a M.A.R.I object, the photo must be reviewed by M.A.R.I. staff before publication. In addition, the copyright for that photo must be transferred to M.A.R.I.

The following is a fee schedule for reproducing M.A.R.I. images. Fees are subject to change at any time.

Service Price
One high-resolution digital scan $20
New photography fee* $200
Additional/detail images of same object or image $100
Postage and handling $15 per order

* This includes time required


Educational & Commercial Filming

The Institute allows researchers, media, and commercial filmmakers to photograph objects or exhibits or use the gallery as a backdrop only with prior permission from the Institute, and with the payment of a fee.

Anyone photographing the Institute's collections or in the galleries must sign an agreement covering terms, conditions, procedures, and intellectual property rights before photographing or filming.


Fees & Procedures

  • The location fee for filming is $500 per day, or $250 per half-day. This fee is payable to the Middle American Research Institute upon the commencement of filming.
  • A schedule for filming must be agreed upon in advance with the Institute. Filming hours are on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. Filming after 5 pm or on holidays is not permitted.
  • Artifacts may be handled only by Institute-designated personnel. A responsible staff member will be present at all times during the filming to facilitate the project.
  • No equipment or weight should be placed on or against exhibit cases.
  • Exhibit cases cannot be opened for filming without prior arrangement.
  • Gallery may not be closed to the public during filming without prior arrangement.
  • Payment of location use or rental fees does not constitute an endorsement by the Institute of products and services portrayed in the final product.



Permission to photograph or film in the Institute may be granted only by the Director. Requests of any kind from the media and all requests for photography or filming in the gallery should be directed to:

Marcello A. Canuto, Director
Phone: 504-862-3104
Email: mari@tulane.edu