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Blom Map of the Maya Area

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Description Size (inches) Price
Full map (all sections stitched together) 42”x46” $75
Individual map sections    
--- Large map section ~30”x50” $75 each, $350 for all 6
--- Small map section ~20”x30” $60 each, $260 for all 6
Blom Map of Maya area
Full Map (all 6 sections stitched together)
Map Section Description
Section I Gulf of Campeche, City of Veracruz
Section II Yucatan, northern Campeche, Quintana Roo
Section III Tabasco, Oaxaca, northern Chiapas, southern Campeche, western Petén
Section IV Belize, southern Campeche, Quintana Roo, Petén
Section V southern Chiapas, western Guatemala
Section VI eastern Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras


The Frederick S. Crocker Collection

Frederick S. Crocker, Jr Watercolor of two Mayan people
Cobán, Alta Verapaz

In 1940, artist and architect Frederick S. Crocker, Jr. created a series of highly detailed watercolors to document how the diverse and colorful clothing of 31 highland Maya communities was worn. Most of the clothing came from the collection of a prominent American who had lived in Guatemala since 1917. At the time he was painting, some styles of clothing had radically changed, having been supplanted by factory-made clothing. Unfortunately, only twelve of the 34 images were published in Crocker's time. These were made in the early 1950s with a color lithography process that could not capture the subtle shading and fine detail of the original watercolors.

For the first time, the complete collection is now available. Each of the 100 cased sets contains all 34 of Crocker's beautifully detailed watercolor paintings of the traditional clothing worn in 31 highland Maya communities. Reproduced through a high-resolution giclée process at their original 13x17 format, the images in this collection capture all the subtleties of shade and detail of the originals and are suitable for framing.

Crocker's work was not limited to paintings but also included more detailed documentation. He visited the communities and, as an acute observer, made valuable notes on the clothing, its construction, how it was worn, and changes that were occurring at the time.

Each set is accompanied by a catalog containing Crocker's introduction to the collection and his notes on each community's distinct clothing.

This is a unique opportunity for collectors and museums to acquire a collection of some of the most beautiful and detailed depictions of highland Maya clothing ever made. Reserve yours today.

Price: $500.00
(price includes postage for U.S. customers; international customers please inquire for more information)

Communities Represented in the Frederick S. Crocker Collection:

  1. San Pedro Sacatepéquez (Department of Guatemala)
  2. San Juan Sacatepéquez
  3. San Antonio Aguascalientes
  4. Comalapa
  5. Patzicía
  6. Sololá
  7. Panajachel
  8. Santa Catarina Palopó
  9. San Antonio Palopó
  10. Chichicastenango
  11. Santa María Chiquimula
  12. Nahualá
  13. Momostenango
  14. San Cristóbal Totonicapán
  15. Sacapulas
  16. Quetzaltenango
  17. Almolonga
  18. San Martín Sacatepéquez
  19. San Sebastián
  20. Santiago Atitlán
  21. San Pedro la Laguna
  22. San Lucas Tolimán
  23. San Pedro Sacatepéquez (Department of San Marcos)
  24. Todos Santos Cuchumatán
  25. Santa Eulalia
  26. Aguacatán
  27. Nebaj
  28. Cotzal
  29. Palín
  30. Tamahú/Tucurú/Tactic
  31. Cobán