Research and GIS Lab

Nearly a century ago, M.A.R.I. was founded to, among other things, be a center for research in Mexico and Central America. Since that time, M.A.R.I. has undertaken archaeological, linguistic, epigraphic, ethnohistoric, geographic, and ethnographic research in these countries.

Today, researchers can avail themselves of a large collection of archaeological and ethnographic objects in the MARI Collections, extensive photographic and document collections in the MARI Archives, and cutting-edge geographic information systems technology in the GIS Lab.

With ten high-performance computers, this lab provides scholars the ability to gather and analyze spatial data for a variety of research applications. Outfitted with a high-resolution flat-screen monitor, this lab is also a modern classroom that allows a new generation of students and researchers to learn how to use the latest tools in map-making, remote sensing, and spatial analysis.

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