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Middle American Research Institute

Founded in 1924, the Middle American Research Institute (M.A.R.I.) at Tulane University strives to promote greater understanding of the vibrant and diverse cultures of Middle America. It stewards an extensive collection of textiles, artifacts, and an archive of letters, field notes, maps, and photographs from the scores of field projects it has sponsored and continues to sponsor. We strive to make these accessible to researchers and the general public through a variety of exhibitions, workshops, and symposia.

Furthermore, M.A.R.I. continues to support anthropological, archaeological, ethnohistorical, linguistic, and ethnographic research projects throughout Mexico and Central America.


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Announcing our new publication:
City, Craft, and Residence in
! A fitting way to launch our online store!   

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Applications for Spring 2021
internships are now open!
For more information, click here.


 Restless Blood
New publication exposes the life and
work of one of M.A.R.I.'s directors!
  • Online Exhibit and Upcoming Events

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    The Continuity of Maize

    The Continuity of Maize

    The Middle American Research Institute is excited to announce that our new intern-designed photo exhibit is now available online! Each semester, M.A.R.I interns create an exhibit using images from the Institute's photographic collections which is displayed in the hallway outside the main gallery.
    Now you can view The Continuity of Maize from the comfort of your home Here

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    M.A.R.I. Brown Bags

    Brown Bag Events

    Brown bag events typically take place on Fridays around noon in Dinwiddie Hall 305. Brown Brown Bag Events invite guest speakers to host seminars at MARI on a wide variety of topics related to the archaeology, history and etnography of Mesoamerica and other world areas. Talks can be delivered in English or Spanish. Attendants are encouraged to bring lunch!
    Browse past and upcoming Brown Bag Events Here