Message from the Dean

The New Age of Liberal Arts

Carole Haber, Tulane University
Dean Carole Haber, Professor of History

Throughout the School of Liberal Arts, in fields as disparate as studio art and economics, a revolution is taking place. For students and teachers alike, technology has radically changed the way they learn and communicate. Even within the most traditional of classrooms, walls often seem to be suspended as computers help craft imaginary lives, pose intricate problems, or create new images and sounds.

In this month’s newsletter, we focus on eight very different classes in SLA that use technology-enhanced approaches to enrich the student experience. As you will read in the stories that follow, these new methodologies are clearly not distancing students from their learning environment but expanding the means through which they discover themselves and the world in which they live. While the questions that are the foundation of the liberal arts may be centuries-old, the methods for addressing these questions have entered a new age.

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