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GIS team
Sharing New Technology to Uncover the Past

Three members of Tulane's anthropology department—Marcello Canuto, Professor and M.A.R.I. Director, Luke Auld-Thomas, PhD candidate, and Francisco Estrada-Belli, Research Assistant Professor—discuss the recent expansion of their Geographic Information Systems Technology Lab (GISLAB), which has become a hub for worldwide collaboration in anthropological technology advancement.

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Holmul Frieze
In Guatemala, the Maya world untouched for centuries

Archaeologists are using lidar technology to explore sites like Holmul, El Zotz, and Tikal in new ways.

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Warfare Mural
Ancient Maya practiced 'total war' well before climate stress

Samples of lake sediment points to acts of violence in the Classic Maya world before severe droughts became a problem.

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Lake Sediment Sampling
Las guerras no causaron el colapso de la civilización maya

Una investigación multidisciplinaria realizada en sitio de Witzna, reveló que los mayas sostenían guerras a gran escala entre ciudades, posiblemente con fines de dominio económico.

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