Michael Plante Associate Professor Newcomb Art Department Tulane University

Michael Plante

Associate Professor, Art History, Postwar United States
301 Woldenberg Art Center


Ph.D., Brown University; Twentieth-Century Art, American Art and Architecture


Michael Plante's research interests focus on the art of the United States and Europe after World War II. Interests extend to popular culture, exhibition history, cultural studies and issues of gender and sexuality. Forthcoming book is titled Paris's Verdict: American art in France, 1946-58, and concentrates on the artistic, cultural and political relationships between the United States and France at the end of World War II. Paris's Verdict focuses particular attention to exhibitions of abstract expressionism imported from New York, and the lives of expatriate American artists living in Paris during the immediate postwar decade, such as Ellsworth Kelly and Joan Mitchell.


Plante, Michael. Ida Kohlmeyer. Manchester: Hudson Hills, 2005


  • Abstract Expressionism
  • American Art: 1700-1950
  • Contemporary Art Since 1950
  • Early 20th Century European Modernism
  • Gender, Race and Representations of the Body
  • How to Acquire a Work of Art
  • Postmodern Formations: Art Since 1980
  • Rauschenberg, Johns, and Warhol
  • Reading Abstract Expressionism
  • Revising the 1960’s
  • Warhol and Pop
  • Topics in Contemporary Art