Art History Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts, History of Art

For the Bachelor of Arts with a major in the history of art, in addition to fulfilling all the general requirements for graduation within the liberal arts curriculum, students take a minimum of 33 credits in the history of art, including a two-semester survey (1010 and 1020) and three 6000-level seminars. Five courses should come from the following fields (two each from two fields and one from the third field):

  1. Ancient, Medieval and Pre-Columbian art
  2. Colonial Latin American, Renaissance and Baroque art
  3. American art; and the Modern art of Europe, the Americas, and the African Diaspora

A one-credit writing practicum is available with art history courses at the 6000 level and above that satisfy the college writing requirement.  Please note this excludes all School of Professional Advancement courses, unless cross-listed with LAS Art History courses. For additional information please email the Director of Undergraduate Studies,

Majors who receive a grade of 4 or 5 on the Art History Advanced Placement exam, and who have received credit for ARHS 1010, may waive the requirement for ARHS 1020. An additional elective will be used to replace this course for the major requirements.

For students requesting transfer credit for courses taken abroad, please see the Transfer Credit guidelines. 

Interested in an Art History major or minor? Send your Major/Minor Declaration Form to to have our chair sign off on it, and we will send it back to you.

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