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Francine Judd Stock, Newcomb Art Department at Tulane University

Francine Judd Stock

Visual Resources Curator

Adjunct Assistant Professor
309C Woldenberg Art Center


MA, Tulane University, Art History


Francine Judd Stock is a member of the Academy of Certified Archivists and has twenty years of experience in the field, promoting preservation and access to analog and digital photographic collections.

Her studio practice explores intersections between art and language, especially the connections between drawing and writing, in various materials and methods. Her current series, Of Rivers and Moss explores the language of nature through line and color in glass. She works in her Harmony Street studio in Central City New Orleans.


Continuous Narration, Francine Judd Stock


Tillandsia, Francine Judd StockFrancine Judd Stock The Secret Language of Spanish Moss