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Message from the Dean

Our fifth issue of the School of Liberal Arts Magazine is organized around the concept of commitment. In a sense, the theme builds on that of our previous issue, which explored the notion of responsibility. Yet the words travel along separate vectors and, in turn, evoke different resonances. So, this issue is meant to complement, rather than supplement, the fall number.

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Andrea S. Boyles, Race, Place, and Community Engagement
Race, Place, and Community Engagement

A critical criminologist traces her work highlighting historical truths and empowerment.

Beau D.J. Gaitors, Afro-Mexicans--Illuminating the Invisible from Past to Present
Afro-Mexicans: Illuminating the Invisible From Past to Present

A deeper look at Mexico's African roots from a Latin American historian.

Mary Glavan, Honoring Students' Potential
Honoring Students’ Potential

What happens when accessible, flexible, and responsive learning practices take center stage in the classroom?

Ebony Perro, Liberation and Liberal Arts–Writing as Perspective
Liberation and Liberal Arts: Writing as Resistance

Exploring the power of writing in addressing rage and change.

also in this issue

Aaron Collier, Line

Not just a formal element: how line becomes a commitment for painter and professor Aaron Collier.

Interview with Elizabeth Hill Boone--Understanding the Impact of Visual Culture
Understanding the Impact of Visual Culture

Professor Elizabeth Hill Boone reflects on her groundbreaking career and explains how images shape our thinking.

Latin American Studies at Tulane University
A Commitment to Latin American Studies

​With a myriad of courses, centers, and programs, Tulane University is committed to cutting-edge research on Latin America.

Hongwei Thorn Chen, The Committed Film Projectionist
The Committed Film Projectionist

Communication professor Hongwei Thorn Chen explores the complex, interwoven systems of human labor, media, and education.

Toni Weiss, Empathy for Students
Empathy for Students

The Covid-19 pandemic has given educators an opportunity to be actual students again, encouraging new approaches to teaching.

Amalia Leguizamón, A Collective Commitment Against GMOs
A Collective Commitment Against GMOs

The Mothers of Ituzaingó Anexo in Argentina embody a commitment shared by environmental justice movements worldwide.

Megan Faust, Plantations to Petrochemicals
Plantations to Petrochemicals

As the Mississippi River moves through Baton Rouge and snakes toward New Orleans, it passes a strip of land unlike any it encountered previously.

R. Blakeslee Gilpin, Failing Better
Failing Better

Professor R. Blakeslee Gilpin implores Americans to listen, to learn and unlearn, and to fail better in a new edition of My Bondage and My Freedom.

Welcome Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Tulane School of Liberal Arts is proud to welcome extraordinary faculty to our community for the 2020-2021 academic year.