Aaron Collier Assistant Professor Tulane University Newcomb Art Department

Aaron Collier

Associate Professor, Painting & Drawing
Director of Graduate Studies in Studio Art
212 Woldenberg Art Center
504-314- 2213


M.F.A., Tulane University, Painting and Drawing


Aaron has taught drawing and painting at Tulane since the fall of 2006. His classes are aimed at providing the drawing and painting student with an expansive vocabulary in communicating their personal concerns, posing formal elements as the gateway to conceptual considerations of the work. Aaron's personal work traffics more in glimpse, suggestion, or fragment than in chronicle, consonant with daily experience and our understanding of the world. His paintings aim to communicate the beauty found in what is incomplete.

Let the Rivers Clap Their Hands
Not a Mumblin Word
Horse and Rider Suspended
Let's See
Picture with a Club Foot
After the Fact
Streak o Lightning
After the Wing
Where Light is as Thick as Darkness
Walkin After Midnight
A Certain Uncertainty
Deep Calls to Deep
Missing the Target
Suggestion of the Merrimac




New American Paintings 15th Anniversary Edition, December 2009
New American Paintings 82nd Ed., June/July 2009


  • Beginning Drawing I and II
  • Beginning Painting
  • Intermediate Painting (Abstraction)
  • Color Drawing
  • Descriptive Drawing
  • Life Drawing
  • Sequential Art
  • Advanced Painting
  • MFA Seminar