Welcome New Faculty - September 2022 Newsletter

Brian Edwards, Dean School of Liberal Arts, Tulane University, Photo: Paula Burch-Celentano

Welcoming Our New Faculty

Brian T. Edwards Dean for the School of Liberal Arts

We are very proud to introduce 18 new faculty members this fall—the largest expansion of the full-time faculty of School of Liberal Arts since the post-Katrina rebuild.

Our new colleagues bring exceptional talent as scholars and teachers, open exciting new areas of research, and energize us with brilliant creativity. Their presence enriches our community in so many ways.

We invite you to learn a little about each of them below, and I encourage all students to introduce yourselves.
To our new colleagues: Welcome!

—Brian T. Edwards, Dean & Professor

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Katherine Lee, Tulane University

Katharine Lee
Assistant Professor

Fan Zhang, Tulane University

Fan Zhang
Assistant Professor
Art / Asian Studies

Saeko Yatsuka-Jensen, Tulane University

Saeko Yatsuka-Jensen
Professor of Practice
Asian Studies

Kiran Bhatia, Tulane University

Kiran Bhatia
Assistant Professor

Edmond Ernest dit Alban, Tulane University

Edmond Ernest dit Alban
Assistant Professor
Communication / Asian Studies

Duane Prefume, Tulane University

Duane Prefume
Professor of Practice
Digital Media Practices (DMP)

Katy Bergstrom, Tulane University

Katy Bergstrom
Assistant Professor

C. Justin Cook, Tulane University

C. Justin Cook
Associate Professor
Economics / Murphy Institute

Ladee Hubbard, Tulane University

Ladee Hubbard
Assistant Professor

Bernice McFadden, Tulane University

Bernice McFadden
Assistant Professor

Karisma Price, Tulane University

Karisma Price
Assistant Professor

Caroline Arruda, Tulane University

Caroline Arruda
Associate Professor
Philosophy / Murphy Institute

Joshua Basseches, Tulane University

Joshua Basseches
Assistant Professor
Political Science /
Environmental Studies

Brandon Davis, Tulane University

Brandon Davis
Assistant Professor
Political Science

Andrew Leber, Tulane University

Andrew Leber
Assistant Professor
Political Science / Middle East & North African Studies

Gwen Prowse, Tulane University

Gwen Prowse
Assistant Professor
Political Science / Africana Studies

William Taylor, Tulane University

William Taylor
Professor of Practice
Strategy, Leadership & Analytics (SLAM)

Yasmina Aidi, Tulane University

Yasmina Aidi
Assistant Professor
Spanish & Portuguese / MENA​​​​​​​

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