Art History offers students opportunities to earn credit toward the Art History major or minor while gaining valuable experience working with arts organizations via the Museum Internship Seminar (ARHS 4560). Taking this internship course allows you to tap into our longstanding relationships with local arts organizations and gain valuable experience within the many roles held by arts-oriented professionals in the Greater New Orleans area throughout the academic semester. During the academic year, students need to intern in New Orleans. During the summer, students can intern anywhere in the US or overseas, with approval from the Instructor. If you are interested in applying to competitive internships elsewhere or completing a New Orleans-based internship over the summer, you are warmly welcomed to reach out to Prof. Alexis Culotta ( to see about incorporating that opportunity into course credit through our internship program.

ARHS 4560 Museum Internship (3 credits)
Instructor Approval Required. Although the course is titled “Museum Internship,” you may also enroll for internships at for-profit art galleries and auction houses with this course number, however, such placements cannot be undertaken in conjunction with a service learning component. If you sign up for ARHS 4560 Museum Internship, the minimum required hours are 60. Successful fulfilment of the course requires active participation in any seminar meetings, a research paper submitted at the end of the semester, and a statement from intern’s supervisor at the conclusion of the semester verifying successful completion of mandated internship hours.

ARHS 4890-01 Service Learning (1 credit):
Instructor Approval Required. You can enroll in the Tier-2 Service Learning Requirement through the Art History department. In order to enroll in the Service Learning course, you must register concurrently for both ARHS 4560 Museum Internship (3 credits) and ARHS 4890 Service Learning (1 credit), for a total of 4 credits. If you sign up for the Service Learning component, you must complete the requirements for ARHS 4560 and an additional assessment component incorporated into the final paper (additional details will be provided in the seminar syllabus).  

Internship Enrollment Approval
Summer or semester-based internships taken for academic credit must be unpaid and require prior instructor approval. We recommend you contact Prof. Alexis Culotta ( by October 15 for Spring enrollment and April 15 for Fall enrollment. Acceptance into the seminar past these dates is not guaranteed and will be on a case-by-case basis. For questions, email Prof. Alexis Culotta,