Summer Courses

Special Art History Summer Session!

ARHS 3380 Italian Renaissance Art
Prof. Leslie Geddes, MTWRF 11:00am – 2:30pm
Early Summer: May 28 - June 28
This course introduces students to the study of the visual culture of Renaissance Italy (1350–1600). By examining how artists, architects, critics, and patrons used and discussed artworks including paintings, prints, sculpture, and architecture, students explore themes such as the revival of antiquity, the study of nature, the training of the artist, the role of competition, and the public and private display of art. This course is fully ONLINE and mostly asynchronous! Instructor is happy to accommodate students' schedules and timezones, so reach out if you have any questions. Contact Prof. Geddes:
Satifies Tier-1 Writing Requirement; Aesthetics & Creative Arts; Global Perspectives.

ARHS 1010 Art Survey I: Prehistory through the Middle Ages
Prof. Holly Flora, MTWRF 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Late Summer: July 1 – August 2
An introduction to the history of painting, sculpture and architecture from the ancient Mediterranean world to the end of the medieval period in Western Europe. Considers issues including technique, style, iconography, patronage, historical context, and art theory. Required for majors in the history of art.

* Courses satisfy Tier-1 Writing Requirements, Aesthetics and Creative Arts, Global Perspectives, and Western Traditions

Did you know you can do an internship this summer that fulfills the Tier-2 Service Learning Requirement through the Art History department? Ask us how!