Transfer Credit

While Tulane is working remotely, please direct any course transfer requests by email to

Please include the name and email address of your academic advisor, along with a PDF of the course syllabus to be transferred attached to the email.

If you don't already have the files easily attachable as PDFs, you can create one by scanning the document, if you have a printer that does this. Alternatively, you can use phone apps like Notes for iPhone or Genius Scan for iPhone/Android. This will make it much easier for the department to assess and process.


A meeting is not required to receive transfer credit. Students need to complete the following steps.

  1. For students requesting transfer credit for courses taken abroad, please complete the following form: Office of Study Abroad Request for Course Equivalency.  All other requests for transfer credits must go through the student's academic advisor in the advising office, who will provide and sign the form.
  2. Bring a completed form with attached syllabus to the Newcomb Art Department office, room 202 Woldenberg Art Center. No transfer credit can be given without the original course syllabus attached. Be sure your name and email address are on the forms.
  3. The form can be collected from the student pickup box in the Art Department office within two weeks.

Any questions can be addressed to: