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Summer Courses

This info is from Summer 2020. Summer 2021 classes may vary. Tulane summer course information can be found on the Tulane University Summer School website.

Special Art History Summer Session!

 Prehistory through the Middle Ages

ARHS 1010 Art Survey I: Prehistory through the Middle Ages, Prof. Holly Flora, MTWRF 11:00am – 12:40pm

Summer Session I: May 26–June 26

An introduction to the history of painting, sculpture and architecture from the Old Stone Age through the ancient Mediterranean world to the end of the medieval period in Western Europe. Considers issues including technique, style, iconography, patronage, historical context, and art theory. Required for majors in the history of art.

Sandro Botticelli, Three Graces in Primavera

ARHS 3380 Italian Renaissance Art, Prof. Leslie Geddes, MTWRF 9:00am – 10:40am

Summer Session II: June 29–July 28

This course introduces students to the study of the visual culture of Renaissance Italy (1350–1600). By examining how artists, architects, critics, and patrons used and discussed artworks including paintings, prints, sculpture, and architecture, students explore themes such as the revival of antiquity, the study of nature, the training of the artist, the role of competition, and the public and private display of art.
* Both courses satisfy Tier-1 Writing Requirements, Aesthetics and Creative Arts, Global Perspectives, and Western Traditions

Tulane SLA summer program: Creative Industries Through the Crisis

Tulane School of Liberal Arts SLAM 3911/-02 / ARHS 3911: Contemporary Curation and Exhibition for Museums
Dates: June 29 - July 31 (5 weeks), MTWRF, 2:00pm - 3:40pm Tuition: $3420 (3 credits); $4560 (4 credits w/ writing option)
Instructor: Holly Flora

This course will introduce students to contemporary issues in the management and outreach of museums in the US and abroad. We will explore the various types of museums, the challenges faced by their various staff members, and their roles in their local and broader communities, with special attention to the responses of museums to the COVID-19 outbreak. Guest speakers will include curators and educators from major national and international museums. Students will gain an understanding of the inner workings of major museums and be introduced to career opportunities in the field. Counts as Tier-3 elective in the SLAM minor. Has a Tier-2 Writing Intensive option towards NTC requirements.
Contact Information For additional information about School of Liberal Arts Summer Programs, please contact Kendre Paige


Did you know you can do an internship this summer that fulfills the Tier-2 Service Learning Requirement through the Art History department? Ask us how!