Painting and Drawing

Senior Elizabeth Feroze works her pencil on a rendering of an anatomy study

Painting and drawing courses develop a strong foundation of perceptual and technical skills, mature color and design sensibilities, a working knowledge of a variety of materials, and a keen, critical mind. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced coursework within the area builds in a cumulative fashion, allowing students to increase their knowledge of historical and contemporary methods and ideas through a variety of projects. Upper level courses are especially geared towards the undergraduate student cultivating a sense of purpose, direction, confidence and sensitivity in expressing personal concerns as an artist.  Peer critique and camaraderie create a stimulating atmosphere conducive to exploration and growth.  Faculty in the area offer a wide range of methods and approaches to image making where traditions of painting and drawing are examined, refined, and challenged.

Painting and drawing facilities are equipped with approximately 4,000 square feet of classrooms featuring walls of north-facing windows and color-balanced lighting for night work. Advanced students have access to a semi-private studio with a computer, individual workstations, and basic tools, as well as a wood shop shared with other areas in the department. All students enrolled in a Studio Art course have 24/7 access to the building. Graduate students receive private studios equipped with a sink and basic furniture, and can access the building anytime as well.

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