Starlings (detail) by Pippin Frisbie-Calder, MFA 2017

The printmaking program emphasizes both contemporary and historical forms of production. The context of art within our culture provides the conceptual stimulation. Experimentation, development and growth are paramount in the program. Although craftsmanship, hard work and technique are essential in this process-oriented medium it is the concept or idea behind the print that renders success. It is our goal that the ever-expanding possibilities of the print penetrate the visual world with poignancy and substance. 

Printmaking has facilities and course work for a diverse curriculum including: Relief, Intaglio, Etching, Lithography, Screen print, letterpress and book arts. The classes are intimate (max. 15) providing the opportunity for individual attention. 

The Foundations of Art: Printmaking (ARST 1370) introduces the student to a broad range of basic techniques as well as issues of visual communication, creative problem solving and conceptual thinking.  

The Intermediate Print courses (ARST 2370 and ARST 2380) provide thorough semester explorations in the area of lithography and water-based screen print respectively. 

Advanced Printmaking (ARST 3380) dives into the rich possibilities of etching as well as combined techniques.

Advanced Lithography (ARST 3370) gives the student a chance to further explore the art and technique of Lithography.

The Art of the Book (ARST 3400) gives the students an opportunity to try various forms of sequencing imagery and binding books.

Students develop their upper level curriculum to their own strengths and culminate the educational experience with a degree show.

[shown above: Starlings, Pippin Frisbie-Calder, MFA 2017]

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