Savi Bailey

The photography area provides a strong grounding in traditional photography and also provides opportunities to explore new media and techniques. For undergraduates there is a curriculum and facilities for the creation of traditional photographs, digital images, and alternative non-silver processes, informed by the study of fine art photography and related media. Introductory level classes emphasize black-and-white techniques, with attention to issues of visualization, communication, and the development of personal expression. Photographic history and theory are also included, as is the method and vocabulary of critical discourse. Upper level students have access to medium- and large-format cameras, the lighting studio, toning facilities, and a digital imaging lab. Advanced students have 24/7 access to a semi-private darkroom equipped with 4x5 enlargers. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged. Art majors work towards either the BA or BFA degree.

The MFA in studio art with a photography concentration is a two year program. Each photo MFA candidate has use of a large shared space which includes a private darkroom equipped with a 4x5 enlarger and developing and printing accessories and b/w chemistry.

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