Pace-Willson Glass Studio

Tulane University Newcomb Art Department Pace-Willson Glass Studio

The Tulane/Newcomb Glass Art program is dedicated to the use of glass as a medium of artistic expression. The Pace-Willson Glass Studio includes a hotshop, coldshop, and metal working facilties. The Hotshop includes three furnaces, five glory holes, and twelve annealers. The Coldshop includes lap wheels, lathes, diamond saws, belt sanders, sand blaster, and drilling station. The metal shop includes welders, saws, grinders and torches.

300# Furnace
350# Casting furnace
600# Casting furnace
Garage (20”x48”x24”)
Pipe Warmer
Glory Holes—Internal Dimensions:
2 @ 14”x21”
1 @ 14”x30”
1 @ 19”x35” 
1 @ 32”x54”
Annealers—Internal Dimensions
2 Top loaders @ 21”x 65”x21”
8 Front loaders (day ovens):
2 @ 23”x48”x26”
2 @ 26”x49”x27”
1 @ 27”x48”x27”
1 @ 36”x47”x27”
1 @ 26”x46”x22”
1 @ 25”x51”x30”
1 Car Kiln @ 41”x57”x40”
1 Top Loader @ 35”x71”x35” 
Cold Shop
30” Steinert grit lap wheel, 36” Steinert grit lap wheel, 24” Steinert diamond lap wheel
Single-sided lathe, Double-sided polishing lathe, 4” and 6” lathe wheels
20” Husqvarna diamond saw, 18” diamond bandsaw
dremel station, Belgian feed drill press
2 Somaca belt sanders (106”x4”)
Large Sandblaster
Metal Shop
Arc Welder, Mig Welder
Bandsaw, Chop saw
Grinders, air tools
Oxy-acetylene cutting torch
Bench grinder
Drill press