Printmaking Facilities

Students in the Newcomb Art Department Print Shop

Boasting one of the most beautiful classrooms on campus, the printmaking facility encompasses roughly 2000 square feet of work space with 12 foot ceilings. The 14 floor-to-ceiling windows provide exceptional light. Much of the equipment is recently acquired and important safety features are in place, providing efficient exhaust for chemicals.


  • Takach Etching Press 42” x 84”
  • French Tool Etching Press 30” x 52”
  • 2 Takach Lithography Presses 33” x 60”
  • Willy Wallace Agent Lithography Press 26” x 34”
  • Vandercook Proofing Press  15” x 24”   

Other Equipment:

  • 38 Lithography Stones ranging 9” x 12” to 24” x 34”
  • Aquatint Box Vented spray booth
  • Back-lit screen washout sink
  • Chemistry hoods for acids and photo chemicals
  • Polymer platemaker
  • Exposure table
  • Screen drying unit 

Students working on a series of prints in the Newcomb Art Department Print Shop