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Art Department Faculty

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Kevin H. Jones
Chair, Newcomb Art Department
Adrian Anagnost
Assistant Professor, Art History, Modern & Contemporary, Latin America
Anthony Baab
Professor of Practice, Painting
Mia Bagneris
Associate Professor, Art History, African Diaspora
Elizabeth Hill Boone
Professor, Art History, Aztecs, Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin America
Teresa Cole
Professor, Printmaking
Aaron Collier
Ellsworth Woodward Junior Professor of Art, Painting & Drawing
Adam Crosson
Assistant Professor, Sculpture
William DePauw
Professor of Practice, Ceramics
Alicia F. Dugas
Office Manager
AnnieLaurie Erickson
Associate Professor, Photography
Sean Fader
Professor of Practice, Photography
Holly Flora
Professor, Art History, Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Italy
Michelle Foa
Associate Professor, Art History, Modern Europe
Leslie Geddes
Assistant Professor, Art History, Italian Renaissance & Baroque Art
Ronna S. Harris
Associate Professor, Drawing & Painting
Jeremy Jernegan
Professor, Ceramics
Deniz Karakas
Visiting Assistant Professor, Islamic Art
Gene Koss
Professor, Glass
Molly LeBlanc
Administrative Secretary
Anne C. Nelson
Professor of Practice, Painting
Arthur Okazaki
Professor Emeritus of Art
Michael Plante
Jessie Poesch Professor of Art, Art History, Postwar United States
Stephanie Porras
Associate Professor, Art History, Northern Renaissance, Colonial Latin America
Thomas F. Reese
Professor, Art History
Laura Richens
Carroll Gallery Curator
Christian Stock
Professor of Practice, Glass
Francine Judd Stock
Visual Resources Curator
Fan Zhang
Fan Zhang
Professor of Practice, Asian Art
Thomasine Bartlett
Adjunct Assistant Professor, History of Art
Classical Studies Faculty Teaching Art History Courses
Allison Emmerson
Assistant Professor
Susann Lusnia
Associate Professor